With White Wings


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The first session of graphology with Ankur itself surprised me because he told many things about me just by analyzing my writing and signature including my backache. I took his advise and started practicing my signature and few other things in a particular way with full dedication. After a month when he asked me about my backache I realized OMG it has gone. I even could not recall since when I am free from pain which I was suffering from almost 3 years. Then I gained more confidence in this science and gradually many things in my personal and professional life also improved. Thanks Ankur!

Pooja Lakhotia

Actuarial at Reliance General Insurance

I have had a brilliant experience with WithWhiteWings. Ankur is an amazing graphologist. Through my Handwriting n Signature I got to know so many strengths, weaknesses and recurring patterns in my life. Ankur very patiently heard me out and suggested the changes I could make that would break these patterns thus solving a lot of problems. And that's not it, he kept me motivated throughout. Today my signature and handwriting have changed quite a lot and have seen those patterns change. I am grateful to Graphology and recommend Ankur for the same

Bhumi Mathuria

Student Pune

I was amazed to know that a Company Logo can also tell so much about the company, but I didn't believe this. But when CA Ankur P Rohatgi told me a few things about the Company in which I was working just by seeing the company logo. I was surprised that how he knows so much about the company even though he never came to my office or is acquainted with any of the employees except me. The facts about work culture, management vision, financial performance, which he told me literally surprised me. Study of logos when blended at the time of Logo designing can definitely lead the company/organisation to new heights.

Anurag Baghel

I saw my sister writing some english letters and designs. So was keen to know what is it all about and then she told me its Graphology and it helps you in many ways rather it enhances your personality as well as your life.
She told me that you are able to face the challenges of life which you meet every single minute. I came to know about Ankur who was guiding my sister.
And here it all began. He asked me write something and I did the same. Ankur told me about me as if he knew me for years. And then the trust and believe in him made me discuss all the problems which I was facing at that point of time. Not only this, all issues were then discussed which I wanted to change but never had guts to.

Simple writing practices were given to me which I followed religiously and I started feeling the changes in my relationship between me and my husband. And it is growing positively thereafter.
I was stuck in a job which I wanted to come out but wasn't getting any other option. But this therapy gave me that strength to quit it
and move out. At present I am working with an institution which was once  my dream job.

Pallavi Bhatt

Teacher, Ajmer

I was unclear about my goals in my life. Ankur suggested me his Graphology and I pursued that. After that I got clarity in what I want to do.

I got the job I was looking for at that point of time.

If you are facing any challenges in job, office or career, small or big, go for Ankur’s empowerment techniques. It works. I have experienced myself. Just go for it.

Vinay Chowdhary

CA, Investment Research