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If you are married or have a bf/gf  but you going through a rough patch or u feel the relation is not so close as you would like it to be, then with his tools Ankur can help you to remove  miscommunication, increase emotional understanding, bring intimacy in your relation.

You are not in a relation and looking for someone special? Our tools helps you to find and connect with right partner.

We spend a lot of time and energy in workplace. Our professional relations will definitely impact our success. If you realise the value of professional relations then you can remove ego clashes with seniors and colleagues, get due credit for your work.

Your emotional eating habit which add weight can be changed, inherent anger on some person or due to a specific past event can be removed.


If you are doing a job, then you
can use these therapeutic tools to get promotion and increments. Or to improve
your relations with boss and colleagues.

People who are unemployed and looking for
job are getting good placements with the help of these empowering tools.

If you are a shop owner, Ankur can help you to raise your sales by getting new orders, pending orders and by getting new clients. It can also be used to recover pending payments. 


Are you the one who have understood that the most important person in the world is You and you believe in improving your personal skill set?

Do you find it difficult to take decisions? Are you fickle-minded? The steering wheel of your life is your decision making. Every decision you make drives your life. It’s very important to be taking good decisions. We help you develop that skill in you.

Is time management an issue for you? We help you manage your time well, be more organized and be more productive.

Whether you are a student or working, you need concentration, A concentrated sunlight becomes a beam and can create fire. Done or seen that experiment ever? Your concentration can create wonders in your life.

Do you remember anytime when you spoiled a relation or a business deal due to your anger? We will help you remove the root cause of that anger.

Would you like to convert your reaction into response?

What about sharing and caring? You want to share your feelings, but nobody is listening to you? Nobody cares?

What about enjoyment? Are you not able to get time, money, people to enjoy?

Do you have specific thoughts/fears/worries which you would like to get rid of? Like stage fear? Thoughts related to break-up? Childhood traumas?

Don’t worry we are here to help you help yourself and transform your life!


Are you suffering from chronic illness, physical or mental? And tired of medicines? Our therapies help you to improve your health and remove the illness from the root cause. The therapies works on your physical body as well as mental and emotional body. Have you heard 95% of diseases are psychosomatic? What if that mental factor is cured? It does impact your body also. And where does that mental factor come from? It’s emotions. We heal that emotion as well?

People are getting benefit in their knee pain, back pain, thyroid, eczema, nervous disorders, hair-fall, Indigestion and so on.

Many females getting help in regularising their menstrual cycles. It does contribute in weight loss also.

If you are a couple wanting to conceive and trying from some time, our tools can help you in that.

Many people coming out of depression and anxiety disorders.

Note – We neither ask nor recommend you to make any change in your treatment going on with doctor. However, doctor himself suggest changes after seeing your recovery.

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