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Relations play a major role in our personal and professional success. People are improving their relations not only with gf/bf, spouse, parents, in-laws and children but also with their boss and network group.

Business & Finances

It helps in getting job, getting increments and promotions, recovering money, better negotiations with clients, resolving funding requirements, increases savings, reducing losses, court cases and so on.

Personality Behaviour

Through healing modalities you can empower your personality 10X and more. This includes decision making, time management, leadership, anger management, concentration, confidence and so on.

Health Wellness

Your handwriting has a reverse impact on the brain/glands and all your body parts. Our healing modalities helps in curing chronic physical diseases and also works on mental issues like traumas and depression.

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About Us

Ankur is a professional Grapho-therapist (Handwriting and signature therapist) and Access Bars healer. He is certified Astrologer and Vastu consultant. Apart from this he is also a Life coach. He call them as tools for empowerment and uses one or a mix of few to heal and empower people.   

He likes to dig deep and find the root causes of the challenges and heal and empower from the core as per the desire of the person. 

Prior to this, being a qualified CA, He was working as a consultant in the field of internal audits and ERP implementation and has been abroad as well. 

Our Tools


Graphotherapy is a means of making conscious alterations in your handwriting in order to effect desired subconscious changes in your personality.

Access Bar

The Access Bars is treatment that involves gently touching 32 points on your head. These points (aka bars) contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions.

Astrology, Numerology & Vastu

All these occult sciences are used to analyze the root causes and to design the empowerment plan of an individual which fits her/him.

what people say


As a working mom with a young child and an demanding job I was struggling to juggle my roles.  Ankur helped me find a path and brought clarity in dealing with situations with confidence. And all this achieved by me practicing Graphology. 
Our work together produced real measurable results. Within 3 months I was getting better adjusted to my role as a working mom. At my workplace a number of unpleasant situations were  dealt with ease. I got success and got recognized for my efforts as well. At home, I spent quality time with my son and he topped in class! 
I am always prone to lose valuables, and guess what...I lost a gold bracelet  and I found it after a couple of hours as I looked for it. This was the first time ever I got my valuable back after losing it!

Pranoti Kapadia

HR Head, L&T, Mumbai

After starting Graphotherapy,my first brush with luck came through my inner belief  where I found myself stronger, in terms of decision making and took some decisions boldly, which otherwise I would have hankered around or sought advice.

For the first time in my training career ( no exaggerations… ) I was handed over the training fees right after the session got over !!! Ahoy !! What joy !! No follow-ups, no waiting, no reminders.

Projects started pouring in, making me ‘mentally’ happy and felt like obstacles were being broken….smoothening the road.

I was to meet stake-holders. I found myself telling my decision with ease and compose and all agreed without a remark or rebut !!

Madhavi Mauskar

Mentor Director, RaMeira India

Since I am writing what he suggested me, I am experiencing lot of changes in my professional behavior and my style of communication. I am getting recognition at my work places which was not happening earlier. I started enjoying my work now and started getting new offers too. I got a hike of more than 75% in my salary. I didn’t know handwriting and signature can change my life so much. I have noticed that my subordinates started to co-operate me more than before and my relationship with my seniors & juniors has been improving.  I am achieving my targets smoothly. There were situations which used to bother me earlier, but now I handle them better and they do not bother me anymore. I definitely recommend Ankur's Grapho-empowerment techniques to everybody who has higher goals in life.

Dhanraj Tailor

Chartered Accountant